Character Creation


Hello adventurers, and welcome. You’re part of a group headed North to Castle Black to either join the Night’s Watch or otherwise assist at the castle. The “why” of the matter is unknown, as only you know that. You may reveal your dark (or light) pasts to your party members along the way if you desire, or you may choose not to. There has been trouble around the Wall lately, with rumors of a Wildling uprising from North of the Wall, and this may or may not phase you, but you’re on your way to Castle Black nonetheless. As you neared The Gift, you saw a small village being sacked by some sort of Wildling ambush party, and your group leader made the call to intervene. The next little bit was a blur, and next thing you know you’re knocked out near a pile of bodies. You’re just now coming around, so look sharp, and remember…………………..WINTER IS COMING.


  • Your character can’t be a major character that’s part of the Game of Thrones plot.
  • Your character can have a very minor relation to one of the major characters in the Game of Thrones TV series, but not one that would have influence on events in the show (only in the future of the game).
  • Your character should be between the ages of 15 and 60
  • Your character creation should roughly follow These guidelines


Choosing religion for your character may or may not come with in-game bonuses. For now, assume it doesn’t and choose a religion you think your character would follow! (Some examples: The Old Gods, Faith of the Seven, R’hllor, Drowned God, Many-Faced God, God of Tits and Wine, etc)


Choose the house your character currently swears allegiance to.
- Arryn (+ 2 to AC)
- Greyjoy (+ 2 CON)
- Stark (+ 1 to any Ability Score, but + 2 if also Lawful Good alignment)
- Tyrell (+ 5 to any CHA skill check, and all CHA skills are class skills)
- Tully (+ 5 to any 2 skill checks of your choosing)
- Baratheon (+ 1 CON, + 1 STR, – 1 AC against creature of the animal type)
- Martell (+ 2 DEX, + 2 attack/damage for spears)
- Lannister (+ 1 gold per party kill)
- Targaeryn (+ 2 CHA)
- No allegience (no weapon penalties that relate to your proficiency with a weapon & instant weapon switching)


Only humans are available for this campaign.

Favored Weapon

Similar to Pathfinder’s Weapon Focus feat, you are allowed one Favored Weapon Class. This can be Swords (longsword, shortsword, greatsword, etc), Bows (longbow,s hortbow, crossbow, etc) or any other category of weapons. Choosing a Favored Weapon grants a +2 bonus on attack rolls, and +1 to damage rolls on that particular weapon. However, you get a -2 attack penalty to other weapons that aren’t that weapon.* You may choose to not have a Favored Weapon.

*Players with no allegiance do not receive the penalty that comes with Favored Weapon, as they have no weapon penalties.

Name and Background

You must decide on a reason why your character is headed to Castle Black if you’re choosing to play this campaign. Additional character background is up to you.

Additional Character Background

If you could please fill out this form (download, fill it out and send me a link) it would help me a LOT.

Character Creation

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