Campaign Rules

House Rule 1 – Skinchanging

Druids, when transforming into animals (See: Beast Shape I) instead can pick any nearby animal (default range: 30ft) and perform a Ride check to beat the Will Save of whatever animal they are attempting to skinchange into. This should instead be referred to as “skinchanging” as the druid can impose its will upon the creature it’s “skinchanging” into.

House Rule 2 – Awesomeness Trumps Reality

If someone wants to throw a propane tank at some baddies and shoot it to explode, that’s awesome. Can a small-caliber firearm puncture a tank? Will it ignite and explode or just spray out gas? Who cares. We’re not going to argue about the scientific credibility of that one episode of Myth Busters. It happens ’cus awesomeness trumps reality.

House Rule 3 – Roleplaying Dice

I’m willing to dish out a temporary 1-time use bonus dice if I feel like you “roleplayed well”. Whether that’s you using an accent for your character, giving your character goofy traits, or other things to be determined in the future, I’ll give you a 1d4 “Roleplaying Bonus” to be used with whatever you might roll a dice for.
For example, let’s say you used an accent to speak with your character, and kept that up multiple times, I’d give you a RD. Now, let’s say you get knocked unconscious and need to stabilize, and you roll a 1d20 for your heal check and score a 13, which is 2 lower than you need to stabilize. BUT WAIT! You want to use your RD from earlier, so you roll 1d4 and add it to the 13, getting a 15 total (1d4 and roll a 2), which indeed stabilizes you. Note: Only 1 Roleplaying Dice can be active at any given time, so you have to use whatever existing one you have before gaining another.

House Rule 4 – Spellcasting

Spells recharge at a rate of maximum caster level (10) minus current caster level​
​Ultimate example:

Me: Level 1 druid
Spell says: Cure Light Wounds (lvl 1 spell, 2 uses per day)
What it means: I can use it twice (2 uses per day) per (10 minus lvl 1 druid) 9 hours.

Also, let’s say you’re a level 1 druid, contrary to what your character sheet says, you have access to all level 1 druid spells.

House Rule 5 – Unknown Quantities of Liquid

Unless otherwise stated, if the quantity of a liquid (poison, oil, etc) isn’t stated, we can assume it’s enough to fill an average-sized waterskin.

Campaign Rules

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